Membership of IVARO is open to all visual creators including Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators, Animators, Photographers, Videographers, Designers, Graphic Artists, Architects, and Craftspeople.

The estates and copyright heirs of artists may also become members of IVARO during the copyright term of the artists work which is the artists lifetime and for 70 years after the artists death.

Membership Benefits

  • IVARO monitors the auction market and collects royalties due to members  from the resale of their work
  • We manage all requests to reproduce your work, ensuring that you are properly paid and the integrity of your work is respected
  • Members have access to our copyright advice service
  • Members whose works have been published in books and magazines can claim RETURN royalties annually
  • By joining IVARO you will help strengthen our ability to support and promote the copyright and related rights of visual creators
  • All of our services operate both within Ireland and on an international level through our network of sister societies in 20 countries.

What do we Charge?

Membership is free, however, as with all artists collecting societies IVARO is funded on a commission basis from royalties which it collects.  This currently stands at 25% for copyright licensing and for reprography royalties and 15% for Resale Right royalties.  IVARO is a not-for-profit organisation and retains only what is necessary to cover administration costs.  IVARO does not take a commission on royalties collected from foreign collecting societies on the basis that they have already taken a percentage to cover their administration costs.

Rights-holders who become IVARO members are joining an association that works to protect their intellectual property rights and ensures that they are properly compensated for the reproduction or resale of their work.