Membership is open to all visual creators including Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators, Animators, Videographers, Designers, Graphic Artists, Architects, and Craftspeople.  The heirs and beneficiaries of artists are also entitled to join during the copyright period (up to 70 years after the artists death).

It is free to join IVARO.

Once you become a member IVARO will deduct a commission on any royalties we collect on your behalf to cover administration costs.  Currently this stands at 15% for resale royalties and 25% for copyright licensing and reprography royalties.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Read all of the information on IVARO’s membership terms and conditions and our Distribution Policies.
  2. If you are in agreement with the membership terms and Distribution Policies you may fill out our online Artists Membership Form or email for a hard copy.

(Our Artists Membership Form is solely for visual creators. For heirs and beneficiaries of deceased artists please email to obtain our Rights Holder Membership Form.)

  1. Once your membership is accepted you will receive an email or letter of confirmation and from this point on IVARO is your representative in the use of your copyright.
  2. You may then direct any requests to reproduce your work to IVARO who will handle the licensing negotiations, ensuring that your copyright is respected and that you receive appropriate payment.
  3. IVARO will manage the Artists Resale Right on your behalf, collecting royalties for you whenever your work resells on the art market.
  4. These services operate on the same basis through our network of sister societies around the world, ensuring that whenever your work is reproduced or resold abroad your rights are respected and remunerated.



Membership Agreement

The membership form includes a membership agreement. The agreement is a form of authorisation permitting IVARO to act in its members interests.   It will enable IVARO to represent you in relation to both the reproduction of your works, or those you hold copyright for, and the collection of the Artist’s Resale Royalty. It will also allow your rights to be managed on the same basis by our network of sister societies around the World. This agreement has the approval of all of the artist members of the board.  By mandating a professional organisation like IVARO to manage copyrights in practise, artists can concentrate on their creative activity and be remunerated for the use of their works, not only in Ireland but throughout the world.

All artists are asked to sign a copy of the agreement when joining IVARO as a member. This is so that we can be clear and transparent about all the ‘rights’ and circumstances in which we will administer any fees on your behalf.

What our members say

“It means a huge amount as an artist having this support, thank you”

“I have found IVARO really helpful for all sorts of artists rights and advice.  IVARO has worked at bringing copyright into line for this country. It is worth any serious artists’ time to join, the more people, the more influence.”