If your work has been published in a book or magazine with your permission, then you may be eligible to claim a share of RETURN.

1. What is IVARO?

The Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation is Ireland’s not-for-profit copyright licensing and collecting society for artists and visual creators.

2. What is RETURN ?

RETURN is a service for distributing reprographic royalties to visual creators. Reprographic royalties are collected from Universities, schools and businesses that use photocopying machines. A share of these royalties can be claimed by any artist or visual creator whose work is contained in publications which have an ISBN or ISSN number (and are therefore available to be photocopied). IVARO negotiates a share of this money on behalf of visual creators in Ireland.

3. Who can claim a share of RETURN?

Any visual creator whose work has been reproduced in a book, magazine or journal published in Ireland. If you are an illustrator, sculptor, cartoonist, photographer, animation artist, fine artist, architect, designer, craftsperson, or any other type of visual creator you can make a claim.

The beneficiaries of artists’ estates can also claim, while their works are still in copyright.

4. So how can I claim a share?

All you need to do is fill in a claim form telling us how your works have been used in books and magazines. The form for Return 2023 is now closed.

5. Do I need to be a member of IVARO to claim ?

No, you don’t. Any visual creator can claim a share whether a member of IVARO or not. However if you are interested in finding out more about joining IVARO (membership is free), please have a look at our membership page.

6. Why do I need to submit a claim to get a share?

There is an enormous number of artistic works in copyright. There is no central source of information recording whose works have been used, and where. We have to find other ways of getting this information in order to share the funds between visual creators, so we ask you to tell us how your work has been used in publications.

7. How do I know if I have a valid claim?

You may have a valid publications claim if you are a visual creator whose work has been reproduced in a book, magazine or journal published in Ireland in any year up to 31 December 2022. You may claim even if the book or magazine is no longer in print.

8. What if I can’t answer all the questions on the form?

It is important that you complete all the sections on the claim form which apply to your claim. This helps us process your claim quickly. If you cannot complete all the relevant sections, we will not be able to process your claim.

9. What can’t I claim for?

– Artistic works out of copyright at the time of use

– Artistic works you do not own the copyright for

– Works included in newspapers, weekend supplements, leaflets and brochures

– Publications without an ISBN or ISSN number

– Ordnance survey maps

– Logos and trade marks

– Writing, literary or musical works

– Industry manufactured products

– Videos or computer games

– DVD, CD-Rom, internet

10. I am the beneficiary of a deceased visual creator’s estate. Can I make a claim?

Yes. You will need to tell us when the visual creator died and whether you are the sole beneficiary. Make sure you sign the appropriate declaration at the end of the claim form.

11. I’m an Irish visual creator living abroad. Can I claim?

If you don’t live in Ireland, contact the collecting society in your country of residence. If you can’t do this, then you can submit a claim to IVARO if your work has appeared in a book or magazine published in Ireland.

12. I don’t know if my work has been photocopied. Can I still claim?

We don’t ask you if your work has been photocopied. We just need to know if your work has appeared in a book, magazine or journal. If it has, then it is available to be photocopied and you may have a valid claim to a share of the money.

13. How will IVARO check the authenticity of claims?

You need to sign a declaration on the claim form and provide examples of publications which featured your work, together with titles and ISBN or ISSN numbers (for publications).

We cannot process your claim without this information as it is necessary to ensure compliance.

14. What are ISSN and ISBN numbers?

These are standardised identifiers for magazines (ISSN) and books (ISBN). The ISSN number should be printed above the barcode on the cover of any magazine, whereas ISBN numbers are usually found on the back cover just above the barcode (paperback) or on the inside fly of the jacket (hardback). You can also search for the ISBN at www.isbnsearch.org

15. I made a successful claim last year. Do I have to claim again?

You can claim for everything you previously claimed for and any new publications which feature your work too.

16. What does IVARO charge?

IVARO makes an administrative charge on the revenue we receive on behalf of artists and visual creators. In 2023, IVARO will deduct a 25% administration fee on the royalties we collect to cover our running costs for operating this service.

17. How will payments be made?

Payments will be made by electronic transfer directly into successful applicants bank accounts. Once you have made a claim please contact IVARO with the following information by November 11th:

Account Payee Name, IBAN, BIC, Bank Name, Bank Address.

It is anticipated that all payments will be made during December 2023. The royalties are modest in most cases, but well worth collecting, and represent an acknowledgement that secondary commercial uses of artists’ works should be remunerated.

18. When is the deadline for claiming?

The Closing Date for RETURN 2023 is 31 October 2023.