IVARO collects the Artists Resale Right royalties on behalf of artist members and the heirs of deceased artists.

By virtue of the European Communities (Artists’ Resale Right) Regulations, 2006, the artist of a work re-sold for a sum equal to or exceeding €3,000 is entitled to receive a royalty from the seller of the work.  The Regulations oblige any party involved in the sale, including the seller’s agent, to provide such information as may be necessary to secure payment of the royalty, within 90 days of the sale.  These regulations have applied to the resale of works by living artists since the 13th of June 2006.

The Right was extended to the heirs of deceased artists on 1st of January 2012 and lasts for 70 years after the death of the artist.[1].

As an art market professional (AMP), the Artist’s Resale Right Regulations require you to do the following:

  • Pay a resale royalty on the resale of a work of art where the artist is living or has died within the last 70 years and is a qualifying national, or alternatively, provide all the necessary information on the seller of the artwork to enable the artist, their heir or their representative to secure payment of the royalty.
  • Respond to any requests for information from the artist, their heir or collecting society in order to determine where a resale royalty is due.
  • Make provision for the resale royalty up until 3 years following the sale of the work of art.

The benefits of working with IVARO

IVARO represents over 1,500 Irish artists in relation to the resale right.

IVARO can provide AMP’s with a full list of our members and quarterly requests for information.

If an AMP would rather send us full sales report we can check the report against our membership list for you.

You can calculate the payment due on any resale using our Royalty Calculator.

An up to date list of our Irish members is available here: IVARO Member List

How to submit your sales details:

You can provide sales results in any of the following ways:

  1. Complete and return our IVARO ARR Submission FORM.
  2. Email us a spreadsheet or document. This is most suitable if you have a large number of items to submit in bulk.
  3. Post us your catalogue. You can post a printed hard copy of your catalogue with your sales results to: IVARO, Central Hotel Chambers, 7-9 Dame Court, Dublin 2.

For further information or if you have been involved in the sale of a qualifying work of art by one of our members please contact us:

P: 01 963 1003

E: info@ivaro.ie