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IVARO connects the creators, owners and users of copyright material by providing simple and cost effective ways for people to reproduce and store images. IVARO represents nearly 1,600 Irish artists and over 20,000 artists Worldwide.

Visual art is reproduced in many formats from books, magazines, websites, and merchandise to advertisements and film. IVARO handles the licensing of our members creative works for all of these sectors.

Information we need to process a licence :

  • The artist/s name and title of the artwork/s
  • The proposed end usage of the image, e.g. on an advertisement, on merchandising, as a book illustration, on a website
  • The print or production run, if applicable
  • The size of the reproduced image
  • If the image is being reproduced in full or a detail
  • The retail sales price, if applicable
  • The duration of the use
  • Territory of distribution. Ireland and the E.U. or Worldwide
  • Language(s), if applicable
  • The industry or sector it will be used in

Applying for a licence

1.  Search

Is the artist represented by IVARO ?

Check our list of current Irish members: here

For foreign artists please contact us

If you are based outside of Ireland you can apply for a licence by contacting the relevant collecting society in your country, who will liaise with us on your behalf. Find contact details

2.  Request

If the artist is represented by IVARO then please submit a licensing request using our online Reproduction Request Form.

Provide as much detail as possible so that we can supply you with an accurate quote for the licence fee.

3.  Licence

If you wish to proceed with the licence you will be asked to confirm that you accept the quote and agree to the terms and conditions for reproduction. Two copies of the Licence Agreement will be sent for you to sign and return.

Payment is due within 30 days or prior to reproduction (whichever is sooner). Once payment has been received you will be issued with a countersigned copy of the Licence Agreement.



Licence fees are calculated based on how the art work is going to be used.  The more information you supply the sooner we can provide an accurate quote.  As a not-for-profit organisation we retain a commission of 25% and distribute 75% of the licence fee to the artist.  This is the minimum charge necessary to cover the costs of running this service.

Licensing Principles:

  • Artworks must be reproduced faithfully using high resolution images or high quality photographic material to ensure the colour is reproduced as faithfully as possible.
  • Artworks may not be altered, cropped, manipulated or have anything superimposed on them without the prior written approval of IVARO.
  • All reproductions of the artwork must be accompanied by the credit line provided by IVARO which must appear with reasonable prominence, as close to the reproduction as possible or in the credit roll.

Please note :

  • While turnaround for obtaining a licence is usually 10 working days or less, it can be longer in instances where the artist or rights holder needs to be consulted.
  • IVARO is not a picture library and cannot provide digital images or the hire of transparencies.  IVARO clears intellectual property rights only and we recommend that you use a museum, gallery or reputable picture library to source a high resolution image.
  • A digital layout / printer’s proof of the publication or a prototype of the product will be required in advance of granting permission.
  • A copy of the finished publication or product must be provided to IVARO.
  • IVARO will provide a credit line which must accompany the reproduction of the artwork.
  • Full terms and conditions will be provided prior to issue of the licence.

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